Postgender Biomechatronics Prosthetics
"Light is the left hand of darkness"
Ursula Leguin
Gender is a biological weapon that cause serious and traumatic brain and organs injury, heavy damage. Extended world wide is a de-generative disease that can be suffered for a entire life time. In fact, can be transmitted by heritage for centuries and even millenniums in human memory. The pathogen attacks your nerve cells making you believe that your body can be use, act and response only to certain attitudes in a binary rigid code. Your body and social acts and decisions can only be in this code- Some parts of your body become numb, forgotten and forbidden, parts of your body have only one or two functions, only practical functions. Is has such a devastating effect that in the worst cases provokes an insane allergy reaction for everything that doesn't fit in this code. Is so strong the reaction, that can justify any act of self defense or gender-nation defense code against the anti pathogen bodies, murder is just a logic self preservation act for this madness.

Fortunately for humanity, is totally reversible. In fact doesn't affect all the population, some people is totally immune. The problem is that gender syndrome has some collateral effects and cause panic and terror all around. We have ALL suffered, lived in some degree the senseless destructiveness of this lethal war strategy to get the complete power of our bodies trough the mind without any pact, a parasite that deny and reject our own pleasures just for predatory economics.

In fact is a heavy disconnection that can be restored. When your body functions, holes, practices, dress and social intercourses are regulated you don't own your body, it becomes a close code written by others.
As in any other way of empowerment and autonomy you have to know, learn, fail, try again. Our body is a biological technology that has to be decoded inside out and not to be delimitated by the obsolete, conservative, privative forms that the genocidal authors of history that control the Hazzard machines spit as a military rule that don't accept under any concept question.

I don't want to fuck as they say they i have to, I don't want to eat what the transnational farm labels as food, I don't want to depend in a corporation or single person to understand the technological tools that I use, I refuse to be forced to to ignorance about how to fix or improve things around me, to depend of what the market decides or dictates. I don't fit in any category, i pass trough all of them and they will always find another word to create boundaries.

Gender TAZ, gender free we need some rehabilitation, or better we need to stimulate all our senses once again, as an open code, continuesly improving changing, creating. Play and feel, build and understand, exchange knowledges, experiences, skills, getting stronger and capable to minimize the gender pathogen around us, around you.

We believe that create and imagine playful devices can be a good point to understand systems as a rizomatic collective mind, with digital/analog technology, info-communication, knowledge-sharing, participation-catalysis complex and fluid bioware, stunning and getting stunned by vivid special effects and lively affects. Hear loud an clear the beating of our hearts as sound systems

Searching for a place where our commonalities and practices can open up space-time discontinuities. We want to hack reality, and we need a lab to reassemble its basic elements.

With this narrative we propose,as suggestion, to make a body mapping of this forbidden places, or this invisible holes: the skene gland and la prostate. The first an homage to Anarcha, who experienced in her own flesh the brutality of surgical experiments awake without the comfort of any anesthesia. On her body the Mother of gynecological techniques and tools where created. The knowledge that came after lead directly to discover of the skene gland, source of female ejaculation.

The second is the strongly repressed and dysfunctional organ that normative masculinity infect, the ass to stimulate the prostate you have to penetrate the anus. Prostatic orgasm a pleasure that is banned brutally, a wounded body.

Inside genitalia. Inside out. As the Annie Sprinkle's public cervix. Public inside pleasure organs.

On the other hand we would like to point at the fist as a non gendered always ready sex organ.
The hand on darkness, no matter if is left or right.
The hand on dakness, no matter if is left or right.*
claudia ossandón jamett
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tools for de-colonization
** left-right non in a political party way..this interpretations seems to me so anacronich as talk about pipiolos y pelucones ?¿