The proposal is simple:
Rename 2 very important glands for our sexuality, our urinary an integral body health, hole key.
The doctor hegemonic discourse reduces their importance, calling them auxiliary glands or even naming one of them as the "female prostate". Is it perhaps that we also find the male uterus?

Sexism in the medical and anatomical rhetoric just think in these terms, mirror, rib, to "standardize" the hegemonic body organs, male one.
And what about the nominal appointment of these glands by physicians who are believed colon, point the finger and planting their names are there in the foreign body.

It'ss over!. I re-claim my body, claim my right to RE-name my inner tissues, especially if they are closely related to my sexual pleasure and enjoyment.
I will call these Glands at least 3 ways:

1. Physical-anatomical name:
Paraurethral location or Greater Vestibular
2. For the type of secretion that excretes:
Ejaculatory or Lubricants
3. In memory of the victims of the macabre body gynaecological theatre:
Anarcha, Lucy, Betsey
ANARCHA GLAND = eyaculatory or paraurethral
LUCY & BETSY GLANDS = lubricants or greater vestibular