especialidad: disección
en cuerpos post-mortem
described ovarian follicles and uterine fibroids for the first time giving the earliest accurate account of the ovary’s gross morphology, anatomic relations and function. The first known illustrations of pelvic surgery are found in the engravings of Johannes Scultetus (1595-1645) in his Armamentarium Chirurgicum, which provides an excellent account of surgical procedures and instrumentation of the period. He was the first to use a series of illustrations to provide a step-by-step account of surgical procedures. Included are examples of incision for imperforate hymen, amputation of the hypertrophied clitoris and the use of a T-binder following vaginal surgery.

THE SEVENTEENTH CENTURY was the century of ‘systems’ whereby theories on physiology, generation and anatomy were clarified.

Reinier De Graff